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Back to my roots
I'm going back to my roots, ie postiong blog entries directly at my own site. I hope it will be like cerdo was in the beginning. OINK!
Saturday, March 6, 2004, 08:36 p.m.

Goddammit! Microsoft=1984!
I've noticed that when I'm basically happy (which often means that I don't consume media), I don't write here a lot. But when I do, there's always some fucking thing that irritates me beyond the pale. In this case it is -surprise!- once again Microsoft.
So what is it this time? Well, basically it's something that Microsoft, being the stalinistic behemoth we always knew it were, sides with the big 4 on the so-called piracy problem. Basically, it's the Palladium "technology" that Microsoft disclosed in July 2002. the technical brunt of it can be read at zdnet. Personally, I think that a silent majority will not even reflect upon it, labelling those of us who don't use microsoft products "suspect". Christ!
And what the heck is wrong with the big 4 anyway? What is more likely to affect cd sales? The constantly rising cd price curve or mp3s? Probably both, to some extent, but were records cheaper, piracy certainly wouldn't be as big as it might or might not be right now. See, here in Sweden, the current price of a CD is about 20, which would certainly buy me enough bulk food and produce to last a week. A local independent record label sells his record in this city for about 12, but to sell them in another city, distributors raise their prices and forcibly follows a price pattern where no big difference in the price of an album is allowed. Any band who buys into anti-piracy should be boycotted, no matter how ignorant or how good they are, especiallay when they stress that their audience is the most important thing. They SHOULD go to their label and say, "hey, i think my records are too expensive for a kid of today, and I think this whole copy-protection bizniz is a crock shockfull of shit."
When I was 11 or so, and started buying records, they were not cheap either. But those were vinyl albums, which are more expensive to make than a CD, at all levels. You copied your friends records to tape, and he/she copied yours. Everyone did it. The bulk of my music collection up until I was 15 was probably stuff that I recorded from the radio. Now that copying is global through internet, I wonder how much more that "damages" record sales. Label representatives say that the difference now is that mp3 allows you to make almost perfect copies of CDs. But who gave a shit about aural perfection when he/she was 13? I mean, unless the tape was humming as loud as the music, the sound quality mattered little. My stance will not change: I will continue buying music. And I will continue copying that music for friends, copy protection or not. In the long run, it raises one's awareness and knowledge about what misic was, is and can be.
Monday, January 6, 2003, 03:09 p.m.

Reverse Cowgirl's (adult) blog
Well. So far, this week I've seen a so-so movie (the new Bond, and allow me to say a few things about it within those parenthesis: a) it was ok, and pretty Bond-y. b) The special effects were a hack job if i ever saw one. Especially the scene with the para-surfing was something anyone with a mac and commotion could have done better in an afternoon. Jesus! c) Halle Berry. I mean, she's pretty like all hey-ho, but an actress she ain't. I haven't seen Monster's Ball yet, but from what I've seen, she's not much better than Miranda Fucking Richardson. d) Bond was always commercialised to the neck, but it's starting to get ridiculuos when the camera slownly pans over sundry brand names such as an opened Philipshave carton. Embarassing!)
I also saw a great concert, at least lyrically great. Sage Francis is one of those Anticonrelated cats that I've learned about thru the miracles of mp3, and one of those I buy records by as a result. Lyrically, Sage is like a hiphop version of Bill Hicks, sans the drugs and age. Hicks might have been more of a satirist, whereas Francis is more aggressive and more overtly political. The standout of the evening was "Mullethead", an acapella rap about Francis' awakening to rap, using a vocal sampling style and a deliverance that made me laugh with goosebumps all over. Great stuff.
Friday, December 6, 2002, 12:40 p.m.

Well, I wonder if RIAA has nothing better to do, like supporting the rights of the artists instead of lining the big 4 execs pockets with geld. So now they managed to shut down cdcovers.cc, a great resource with scanned covers. Big deal. So people will have to settle for their own covers or no covers at all for their fucking Nelly albums or whatever. Big deal. What irks me is just the RIAA's (and MPAA's) strong arm tactics. Where will they stop? Will they try to forbid mp3 as a format? probably not, because it's owned by a fairly big company? But ogg, perhaps? Microsoft, wallet-droppers as they are, are already including copy-protection in their perved codecs. Who are these people trying to play, anyway? Big biz music industry is on the decline, but recordsales in total are on the incline, sales wise. Perhaps the 4 are just trying to stop mp3s, because it helps small labels/bands to become widely spread without a multi-billion dollar ad apparatus behind them? So let's stop internet radio, mp3s and the whole kommunist kommunity of enkoders! Jeez! I'll not buy one more record from you or your fucking subsidiaries. Nor will I buy another copy(computer) protected CD. Why? Because I SAY SO!
And a capsule review for Harry Potter 2, in the words of the late Bill Hicks: "PIECE OF SHIT!" Honestly, 2hr50mins? And no really bad villain, very little excitement. Disappointment of the year?
Friday, November 29, 2002, 11:17 a.m.

the Killer!
A great comic book on the web, Killer is. Thanks to k10k.net & Eric for telling me about this.
I'm hung over. Had a bit of a drop yesterday. Not a shocking fact.
In a few minutes, Alex & Martin will pick me up to go to a Dr. Burns exhibition.
Sunday, November 24, 2002, 12:16 p.m.

Blast from the Past
Dang! I forgot that I managed to retrieve my old old homepage, last updated in 1996, but originally started in 1992. I thought it was fun to put it back online. Thanks to the brilliant WaybackMachine! Woo! Some links are broken, but a surprisingly good number of them still work. Notice the early era html! And my icons done in Photoshop 2, optimized with xv on shit old Solaris boxes! Code written in alpha and pico!
Tuesday, November 19, 2002, 04:17 p.m.

Christ almighty! Have I been lax or what? I have been lax! My god, I've been lax. I think I must start writing here again, but it feels kinda slow to start again. Not that I don't want to.
So what has happened? Well, I'm still working halftime, which actually ought to mean more time on my hands, but it doesn't. Not really. It's cold here now, winter en route, and soon I'll be 35. Half way to 70, man. Doesn't feel like it, though. I've been doing much the same stuff as always: hanging with friends, listening to music, seeing movies, eating, drinking, sleeping, having the odd bit'o sex, encoding, making posters, burning CDs, reading, philosophizing, and all that goddamned jazz.
I'm not even really angry with anything new, just the good old pet peeves: reactionaries, PC fuckwads, Microsoft, multinationals, the "music industry", the "movie industry", knee-jerk twits, ignoramuses, et cetera. I think I'll get back when I have something new to hate or like. In the meantime, some good music: Eyedea. Ex Models. Erase Errata. The Purple Knif Show. Pee Chees. Rilo Kiley. Prince Buster. Nappy Roots. Ho' Dogs. D-Styles. Andreas Tilliander. The Kirby Grips. Van Morrison. And that's it for now.
Tuesday, November 19, 2002, 04:08 p.m.

-nice folks!